June 2020 Cohort | Virtual Showcase

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“Te Māpura helped make my business goals a reality! I’m so grateful for this course and all of the delivery team. I now know it’s possible to start a business and wouldn’t have done it without Te Māpura. The short course length is great. If it was longer than 9 weeks, I might not have pushed myself to launch my business”

says Kiri Arna Wray, founder of Taonga Collections

Book a Business Assessment Hui to speak with our team!

In your hui, you will meet with Te Ahikōmako staff to discuss the short course in more detail and the coach you meet with will indicate if this course will be right for your business and whether the timing is right.

Have you been thinking about starting your own business?

Join us for a 9-week online course to guide you through all the steps required to get your idea up and running.

Course fees of $195.00 incl GST apply for September 2020.

Course Information

Course Dates & Session Times

Start Date: Monday 28 September 2020.
The course will begin with a in-person kaitahi (shared kai) wānanga to introduce everyone, allocate resources and discuss how the course will be delivered.

Initial Kaitahi Session: Monday 28 September @ 6:00PM at Te Ahikōmako space, 254 Ohaupo Rd, Glenview, Hamilton

Weekly Wānanga (Class) Sessions:
Every Tuesday during the programme with ONE HOUR daytime and evening sessions
Lunchtime Stream – 12:00PM / midday sessions
Evening Stream – 7:30PM via Zoom

Weekly Digital Tools & Tech Workshops:
Every Wednesday @ 12PM / Midday for ONE HOUR sessions that will cover the practical tools needed to set up your business in our digitial-first economy

Virtual Showcase + Course End Date: Friday 27 November 2020

Course Components

Te Māpura Short Course includes:

  • 6 x one-hour weekly sessions which take approximately 1 hour each and are conducted via Zoom
  • 6 x one-hour digital tools & tech workshops
  • 9x one-hour 1:1 coaching session with your assigned kaiako/coach

The Short Course Schedule consists of:

Direct Contact Hours

Weeks 1 to 6
  • 1 hour wānanga sessions via Zoom (daytime or evening streams)
  • 1 hour 1:1 sessions with your assigned coach
Weeks 7 & 8
  • 1 hour 1:1 sessions with your assigned coach
  • Preparation for your business launch
  • finishing any topics covered in weeks 1 -6 with your coach
Week 9
  • Launching your new venture and business idea
  • Virtual business launch for cohort


Out of Course Hours & Activities 

Additional activities, working hours and resources WILL BE required to help launch your new business or ventures outside of the required weekly course hours (three hours).

Te Māpura Topics & Content will include but are not limited to the following areas:
  • Business Basic Kaupapa
    • Business name, legal and operating structure, business registration
  • Idea Validation
    • customer profiles, product/service demand, competitor analysis
  • Basic Numbers
    • banking setup, revenue versus costs, tax and accounting
  • Financials
    • personal loans & savings, cashflow, future forecasts
  • Marketing
    • business logos + branding, website setup, social media presence
  • Business Plan
    • bringing all of the course topics and workshop together to form a basic business pan
  • Launch Event (Week 9)
    • virtual launch event of new venture and businesses
Minimum Technical, Digital & Device Requirements for Te Māpura 2020

To register for and participate in this short course you will need access to the following:

  • a phone with a valid phone number,
  • a computer (laptop, tablet, PC etc),
  • reliable and sufficient internet connection that can be accessed regularly,
  • online access able to support regular online learning such as streaming of live webinars sessions, watching videos, downloading content and completing tasks online
  • a valid and working email address, and
  • ability to download additional software, programmes and applications including the Zoom Video call application

To be eligible to successfully register for Te Māpura, you will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • You must book and attend a business idea assessment hui  before Friday 19 June. This must be booked with one of the Ahikomako Staff via our Business Assessment Hui webpage.
  • You must be based in the Waikato region and be a New Zealand Resident.
  • You must meet the minimum technical requirements for this course such as you must have access to a reliable internet connection, a working email address, and the ability to join and use Zoom Video call app.
  • Submit your registration in accordance with the Registration Process for the course online before Friday 25 September @ 5:00pm.
  • Registration is only open to persons aged over 18 years of age.
  • We reserve the right to verify the validity of all registrants and participants.
view course and business assessment hui terms & conditions

Course Registration Process

Before you are able to Register for Te Māpura – prospective participants first need to book and attend a Business / Idea Assessment Hui with one of the Ahikōmako staff, here you will discuss the short course in more detail and the coach you meet with will indicate if this course will be right for your business, and whether the timing is right to do this now.

If it’s a good fit – you will then be sent an online registration form link that will request certain information from you in order to make a final assessment of whether the Te Māpura Short Course is suitable for you.

If the Short Course is not suitable at that time, we will retain your information and contact you in the future if there are any other Services or Programmes that we are able to offer to you. Our Staff will discuss this with you in your Business / Idea Assessment Hui.

Successful registrants will be notified by email or phone by Friday 19 June 2020 via Te Ahikōmako staff.

view course and business assessment hui terms & conditions
Course Fees & Investment

September 2020 Course Fees: $195.00 incl GST payable online via Debit/Cred Card

We are looking for Māori whānau and entrepreneurs to be active, engaged and invested in their own personal development and business success which is why we have introduced a small course fee for this intake.

We require that participants make a monetary contribution and investment of $195.00 (+GST) for the 9-week programme.

Refund Policy

We understand that plans change! If you can’t make it to the whole workshop series, please email us at least 7 days before the scheduled start date (28 September 2020) to cancel your registration and receive a full refund.

No refunds will be given after the scheduled start date of Monday 28 September 2020 7:30PM.

Cancellation Policy

If the Te Māpura short course is cancelled by Te Ahikōmako, all course fees will be refunded in full to participants.

This information may be subject to change. © Te Wānanga o Aotearoa 2020